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Prohibitions on the use of frozen meat slicers

Prohibitions on the use of frozen meat slicers

1. It is forbidden to randomly connect and pull the wires of the frozen meat slicer. The switch and socket must be on the wall. When cleaning or cleaning the equipment, prevent water from splashing on the power supply.

2. When the frozen meat slicer is working, in case of emergency, turn off the emergency brake switch immediately.

3. It is forbidden for non-workers to enter the work area without authorization.

4. It is strictly forbidden to talk to others at work to avoid accidents.

5. It is strictly forbidden for non-workers to take the film.

In order to make the frozen meat slicer work more smoothly, it is necessary to strictly abide by the corresponding operating rules when using it, and use it according to the correct operation method, especially some prohibited items, which should be avoided.

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