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Stainless steel frozen meat slicer

Stainless steel frozen meat slicer

The whole machine of stainless steel frozen meat slicer is made of SUS304 stainless steel. It can cut and slice frozen meat from -4 to 18℃, 3-50kg, and can quickly and directly cut into blocks or slices. It is the front of choppers and meat grinders. Road process. The use of this machine can avoid pollution and loss of nutrients during the mitigation process, ensure the freshness of the meat, and save the refrigeration process of adding ice, reducing the user’s refrigeration costs.

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Specification for use of stainless steel frozen meat slicer:

Adjust the thickness of the meat to be cut, and place the frozen meat without bones on the bracket to press the platen. The cutting temperature of frozen meat is between -4 and -8 degrees. After turning on the power, start the cutter head first, and then start the left and right swing. Do not directly approach the blade during operation, as it may cause serious injury. Found that cutting is difficult, stop the machine to check the cutting edge, and sharpen the blade with a sharpener. After stopping, unplug the power plug and hang it on the fixed position of the device. Lubricate the swing guide rod every week, and sharpen the blade with a sharpener. It is strictly forbidden to flush the equipment directly with water.

Features of stainless steel frozen meat slicer:

1. The whole machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel

2. It can be cut into pieces and sliced ​​frozen meat at -4–18℃, 3-50kg, and can be cut into pieces or slices quickly and directly, which is the pre-process of chopper and meat grinder.

3. Using this machine can avoid pollution and nutrient loss during the mitigation process, and ensure the freshness of the meat. The refrigeration process of adding ice can be omitted, and the user’s refrigeration cost can be reduced.

4. Automatic equipment protection device.

5. It has a raw meat operation platform, which is convenient and labor-saving. The chute is placed outside the trough, so there will be no contamination of the raw materials.

6. Adopting the integral welding structure, the machine is stable and the performance is good.

7. It can be equipped with standard material carts, so there will be no splashing when slicing.

The scope of use of stainless steel frozen meat slicer:

Frozen meat slicers are also called mutton slicers and mutton slicers, which are suitable for hotels, restaurants, canteens, meat processing plants and other units.