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Introduction of Frozen Meat Dicing Machine

Introduction of Frozen Meat Dicing Machine

Frozen meat dicing machine is a commonly used equipment in many meat processing factories, supermarkets, butcher shops, etc. It can cut meat into different sizes of blocks, diced, etc. It is easy to use and greatly reduces the need for manual dicing. Labor intensity.

All parts of the frozen meat dicing machine body, knives and conveyor belts are made of SUS304 stainless steel. Transmission and feeding, simple operation. Special steel knife set, smooth cutting surface, durable. The whole machine can be disassembled, and the cutting size can be adjusted without dead angle, which can meet the different cutting needs of customers. The whole machine is waterproof and can be washed directly with a water gun. Thickened stainless steel square tube rack, independent feeding mechanism module. Independent safety cover and safety protection sensor switch. Automatic lubricating system, automatic alarm and shutdown due to lack of oil.

This equipment is widely used. It can cut all kinds of frozen bone meat such as spare ribs, frozen meat, whole chicken and whole duck at one time. It is an indispensable meat cutting equipment in canteens, supermarkets, meat wholesale stores, and meat processing plants ( The cutting size can be customized arbitrarily).

The use of frozen meat dicing and dicing machine is not only convenient for selling meat, but also very humane for consumers. When buying meat, you can ask to cut the meat, so that you can save the process of dicing when you go home. , saving time.

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