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The airtightness of beef and mutton slicer

The airtightness of beef and mutton slicer

1. The airtight operation of the beef and mutton slicer is a great feature. When the machine is working, if the equipment is not well airtight, it will have a certain impact on the beef and mutton in the equipment. It will also waste a lot of meat products.

2. Air extraction and sealing is performed on the vacuum packaging machine. The air in the packaging container is extracted by a vacuum pump. After reaching a certain degree of vacuum, it is immediately sealed. The vacuum tumbler makes the slicer form a vacuum state.

3. Compared with the equipment of the heating and exhausting method, the air-exhausting sealing method can reduce the heating time of the contents and better preserve the color and aroma of the food. Therefore, the air-extracting sealing method is widely used. In particular, it is more suitable for products with slow heating exhaust conduction. When using, the amount of use should also be cautious. The slicing machine uses a cylinder to drive a piston to extract and shoot out the material, with a one-way valve to control the flow of the material, and a reed switch to control the stroke of the cylinder. In this way, in the control of meat products It’s more difficult to use.

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