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Daily maintenance method of frozen meat slicer

Daily maintenance method of frozen meat slicer

1. When checking the frozen meat slicer, slowly open the liquid inlet valve. At this time, the liquid level in the filling increases, and at the same time, open the vent valve to keep the liquid level between the liquid levels specified by the sight glass.

2. Put the sliced frozen meat upside down on the work basket, check that the lower mouth of the liquid bottle should be aligned, put the vacuum basket in the vacuum tank, cover it and lock it.

3. Close the vent valve and liquid inlet valve of the frozen meat slicer, open the vacuum pump, adjust the vacuum connection valve to make the vacuum degree (depending on the test filling amount) meet the process requirements, and step on the foot pedal to make the cut frozen meat slice.

If the frozen meat slicer is not used for a long time, the oil used in the mercury should be drained, and the oil should be rinsed and replaced with new oil to prevent the water in the oil from corroding the machine and reducing the efficiency of slicing.

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