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Features of elastic belt for mutton slicer

Features of elastic belt for mutton slicer

1. Smooth transmission

The PU multi-groove belt is integrally formed, the material in the structure is uniform, the tension of the core line is stable, and it is not easy to generate vibration due to high-speed operation, forming a shock source.

2. Cleanliness

PU material, no powder, non-toxic and harmless, in line with ROSH environmental protection requirements.

3. Shock absorption

The special elastic belt for mutton slicer belongs to elastic material, which is resistant to impact load and can absorb the vibration issued by the mechanism.

4. High wear resistance

The wear resistance is dozens of times higher than that of rubber.

The amount of chips generated during long-term operation is very low, and it is not easy to cause powder chips to accumulate at the bottom of the groove to cause the belt to vibrate, or to cause the belt to crack laterally.

5. Easy to install

The elastic material core wire can be selected. Under the fixed axis distance, it can be installed quickly and easily without any tools.

6. Maintenance-free

Free of lubricating oil and maintenance.

7. Stable tension

The tooth shape is not easy to wear, and the special elastic belt of the mutton slicer sinks into the groove of the pulley, resulting in the loss of tension, and the tension needs to be adjusted frequently.

8. High transmission efficiency

The multi-groove belt has the characteristics of both a flat belt and a V-shaped belt. In the same transmission structure, it has a transmission capacity that is 30-50% higher than the standard V-shaped transmission belt, which can improve the mechanical transmission efficiency.

9. High-speed operation

The transmission loss caused by centrifugal force is small, suitable for high-speed operation, and the belt speed can reach more than 60m/s.

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