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How to remove grease stains from slicer

How to remove grease stains from slicer

1. First of all, you can add an appropriate amount of water to the drum attached to the mutton slicer, which is conducive to the discharge of impurities; then, you can use some soft cloth or soft brush, and use water mixed with detergent. After wiping, rinse with clean water once.

2. After the above cleaning work is completed, first prepare an appropriate amount of water, then add a certain amount of detergent or disinfectant into the barrel of the mutton slicer, and rotate the barrel for cleaning; after cleaning, use high pressure Use a water gun to clean the inside of the bucket, and simply turn the bucket with the drain hole facing down until the water in the bucket is completely drained.

3. However, in the process of cleaning, there are still some problems that need to be paid attention to. For example, water should not be directly sprayed on the bearing seat of the mutton slicer, and the control panel of the electrical box should not come into contact with water. The influence of water, resulting in damage, rust and other problems, will affect the use of the equipment.

Therefore, to remove the oil stains of the mutton slicer, its cleaning work is very important, and the oil stains on it also need to be removed, so that the slicer can not only improve the efficiency of use, but also prolong its service life. Practicality is beneficial to the maintenance and maintenance of equipment.

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