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10 inch beef and mutton slicer product features

10 inch beef and mutton slicer product features

1. Frozen mutton slicer is a professional frozen beef slicer with a 10-inch model;

2. The thickness of the slices is balanced, and the automatic rolling effect of the meat slices is good.

3. The machine runs with low noise and the stability of the whole machine is excellent;

4. The original automatic sharpening structure of the 10-inch beef and mutton slicer makes the sharpening operation convenient and safe;

5. The stainless steel body meets the requirements of food hygiene;

6. The patented transmission design makes the meat cutting speed reach an efficient slicing speed of 37 times/min;

7. The mechanical transmission of high-power dual motors (without circuit board) makes the life more guaranteed;

8. Packed in wooden boxes, you can rest assured about the safety of the machine’s transportation.

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