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Disinfection method of beef and mutton slicer

Disinfection method of beef and mutton slicer

1. Loosen the upper and lower set screws, remove the liquid injection system for overall disinfection, or disassemble for disinfection and cleaning separately.

2. There may be errors in the actual slicing of the 500ml model. Please measure it with a measuring cylinder before the official slicing.

3. Put the liquid inlet pipe in the cleaning solution to start cleaning.

4. Needle tube for beef and mutton slicer, standard 5ml or 10ml syringe for type 10, 20ml glass filler for type 20, and 100ml glass filler for type 100.

5. Bearing models for beef and mutton slicers: 10, 1000087, 20, 100, 1000088, 500, 6001-ZZ.

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