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How to use and operate the double-headed beef and mutton slicer

How to use and operate the double-headed beef and mutton slicer

1. Insert the φ8 round pin into the retaining ring hole on the right end of the spindle to prevent the spindle from rotating, and then screw the ring knife onto the left spindle. Install two φ100×20×1 single-edged round knives on the right end of the spindle, and install a fixed washer (10 mm thick) between the two blades to tighten the nut.

2. Adjust the limit screw behind the left-end feeding carriage so that the feeding stroke exceeds the ring knife edge to ensure that the sample rubber is cut through.

3. Start the motor and turn on the coolant knob on the left side of the water tank.

4. Stick the sample material vertically and flatly on the platform.

5. Push the handle to feed the feeding pallet and spin the cylinder.

6. Return the feeding carriage, drive the ejector bar by the active link, and eject the φ16 cylindrical sample from the ring knife edge (if the ejector bar cannot eject the sample, the ejector bar stroke can be adjusted).

7. After rotating and cutting several test pieces according to the above procedure, adjust the limit screw on the back of the feed carriage at the right end so that two pieces of Φ100×20×1 single-edged circular knife collide with the sample holder evenly, causing damage to the specimen holder. blade. Lift the upper die of the right sample holder, insert the cylindrical specimen into the holder hole, close the upper die, open the coolant knob, and push the handle. It can be returned until it hits the limit screw, and the obtained test piece is the standard test piece.

8. The connecting fulcrum between the ejector rod and the tie rod is divided into two types: front and rear. During operation, the front and rear sides can be used arbitrarily according to the needs of the operator.

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