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Product Features of Lamb Slicer

Product Features of Lamb Slicer

The mutton slicer is a food slicer, suitable for cutting boneless meat and other elastic foods like mustard, cutting raw meat into pieces, etc. The machine has compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation, high efficiency, low power consumption, It is easy to clean and maintain, safe and hygienic, and the meat cutting effect is uniform and can be automatically rolled into a roll. It adopts imported Italian blades and belts and has a unique automatic lubrication device. It has powerful power and is suitable for hotels, restaurants, canteens, meat processing plants and other units. Indispensable meat processing machinery.

Lamb slicer is also known as mutton slicer, mutton slicer, slicer, Fei sheep slicer, etc. Everyone should be familiar with it. It is a professional slicing machine for frozen mutton and frozen fattened beef. The patented transmission design enables the meat cutting speed to reach an efficient slicing speed of 43 times/min. More guaranteed; the thickness of slices is balanced, the automatic rolling effect of meat slices is good, the machine operates with low noise, and the stability of the whole machine is excellent; the original automatic sharpening structure makes the sharpening operation convenient and safe; the stainless steel body conforms to food hygiene requirements; wooden box packaging, you can be assured of the safety of the machine’s transportation.

Product features: Fully automatic mutton slicer slicer, suitable for hot pot restaurants, restaurants, hotels and food processing workshops, the meat cutting effect is uniform, and the dual-axis design is especially stable and durable.

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