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How to Operate a Lamb Slicer

How to Operate a Lamb Slicer

1. After we receive the machine, first check whether the packaging is damaged and whether the machine parts are missing. If there is any missing, please contact the manufacturer to reissue it as soon as possible. Before operation, carefully read the instruction manual of the machine.

2. Before starting the machine, check whether the power supply voltage used is in line with the voltage of the machine. After confirming that it is correct, put the machine in a dry place and turn on the power supply.

3. According to our actual needs, set the value on the CNC board of the machine to determine the thickness of the cut meat.

4. Put the meat to be cut on the platform of the slicer, press the forward button to push the fixed knuckle to the end of the meat, do not push it too tightly, otherwise the machine will easily get stuck. At the same time, shake the hand wheel, adjust the distance between the meat pressing plate and the meat roller, press the start button, and the slicer starts to work.

5. After the beef slices are cut, use the screwdriver bit to loosen the screws that fix the blade on the slicer, take out the blade and wash it. Next time you use it, take it out and press it on.

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