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How to maintain the knife after the mutton slicer is used

How to maintain the knife after the mutton slicer is used

One is the need to choose an optimized processing method, especially for difficult-to-machine materials. When it is necessary to use high-quality cutting fluid to cut difficult-to-machine materials, the cost of this cutting fluid is relatively expensive, but during the cutting process, the difficult-to-machine materials and tool life are often adversely affected, so it is necessary to choose a suitable cutting fluid. In order to effectively prolong the tool life and reduce the processing cost.

Second, it is necessary to properly control the cutting force and cutting speed of the tool, which is also one of the effective means to reduce the processing temperature zone and prolong the life of the cutting fluid. During the processing time of difficult-to-machine materials, the cutting edge, cutting depth and cutting width should not be too large. The choice of cutting speed takes into account the factors of different types of materials, structural components and processing equipment.

The third is to choose a reasonable cutting process and method. For difficult-to-machine materials, different cutting methods have very different damage to the cutting fluid. No matter which cutting method is selected, the principle is the same, that is, to reduce the cutting as much as possible. force to reduce the temperature of the cutting zone.

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