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What are the polishing methods of beef and mutton slicer?

What are the polishing methods of beef and mutton slicer?

1. Mechanical polishing.

Generally, oil stone strips, wool wheels, sandpaper, etc. are used, and manual operations are mainly used. For special parts such as the surface of the rotary body, auxiliary tools such as turntables can be used.

2. Chemical polishing.

Let the microscopic convex part of the surface of the material dissolve preferentially in the chemical medium compared with the concave part, so as to obtain a smooth surface. Note that the preparation of the polishing liquid should be reasonable. The frozen meat slicer belongs to food machinery, and it should be cleaned immediately after polishing.

3. Electrolytic polishing.

The surface of the beef and mutton slicer is smoothed by selectively dissolving the tiny protrusions on the surface of the material.

4. Magnetic grinding and polishing.

Magnetic grinding and polishing is to use magnetic abrasives to form abrasive brushes under the action of a magnetic field to grind frozen meat slicers.

5. Fluid polishing.

Fluid polishing relies on the high-speed flowing liquid and the abrasive grains it carries to scour the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of polishing.

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