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Frozen meat cutting machine operating procedures

Frozen meat cutting machine operating procedures

1. Inspection before switching on and off

1. Check whether the cutter and fixing screws of the frozen meat cutting machine are loose, and whether all parts of the distribution box are intact.

2. Check whether all devices and operating switches are in good condition.

3. When the machine is empty, press the cutter button to move the cutter up and down, left and right, and observe whether the cutter is normal.

2. During the operation

1. When the machine is working, the temperature of the frozen meat is -10°C—-5°C, if it is too hard, it will easily damage the knife.

2. Do not put frozen meat with metal materials or broken bones into the machine to complete the cutting, so as to prevent damage to the cutter and machine tool.

3. During the operation of the frozen meat cutting machine, it is expressly forbidden to reach into the processing port to remove impurities to prevent accidents.

4. When the staff leave the frozen meat slicer for some reason, they need to turn off the main power switch.

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