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Flat Cut Double Roll Beef/Lamb Slicer

Flat Cut Double Roll Beef/Lamb Slicer

The flat-cut double-roll beef/mutton slicer is controlled by Siemens PLC and driven by a stepping motor, which solves the problem of high failure rate of mechanical slicers and realizes full automation in the sense of infrared induction protection device. Adjust the thickness without stopping the machine. It can be automatically added or subtracted by the CNC switch according to the required thickness. It can cut 100-200 kg per hour. The workbench is made of food-specific organic plastic plates to ensure food hygiene. It is a meat processing plant equipment and frozen food. Factory equipment, snack food factory equipment, Chinese restaurant equipment, western restaurant equipment, large hot pot restaurants, large and medium-sized beef and mutton wholesalers choose safe equipment.

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Technical parameters of flat-cut double-roll beef/mutton slicer:

产品规格(Product specifications) 数控双卷切片机(CNC Double Roll Slicing Machine) 数控四卷切片机(CNC four-roll slicer) 数控六卷切片机(CNC six roll slicer) 数控八卷切片机 (CNC eight roll slicer)
生产效率(Productivity)/H 100kg 200kg 300kg 400kg
切卷数量 (Number of cut rolls)/卷 2 4 6 8
额定电压 (Rated voltage) 220-380v 220-380v 220-380v 220-380v
切片速度 (Slicing speed)/M 60次 60次 60次 60次
切片厚度 (Slice thickness)/mm 0.3-5 0.3-5 0.3-5 0.3-5
大裁切高度(Large cutting height)/mm 200 200 200 200
大裁切长度(Large cutting length)/mm 600 600 600 600
外形尺寸 (Dimensions)/mm 1200*400*1300 1200*660*1300 1200*880*1300 1200*1000*1300
电机功率 (Motor Power)/kw 2.2 2.2 2.2 3
整机重量 (Total Weight)/kg 220 300 360 450


Advantages of flat-cut double-roll beef/mutton slicer:

1. The blade rotation method of the flat-cut double-roll beef and mutton slicer is to use a chain to drive the blade to rotate, which reduces the phenomenon of meat sauce.

2. The mutton slicer adopts electric automatic feeding, pressing and automatic adjustment methods of processing meat thickness. Simple and convenient, it will stop automatically.

3. The protective door of the mutton slicer is designed to prevent the power from being turned off automatically. It is a meat slicer with a high safety factor, which can be completed with one button, saving time and energy.

4. The mutton slicer can cut the minus 18 degree meat roll into thin slices on the machine. The meat slice is not broken, but the shape is very beautiful, and there is no need for troublesome thawing and waiting.

5. The mutton slicer adopts high-quality alloy blades and good wear resistance, which saves users time to sharpen the blades. The installation design is even better.

6. The infrared sensor protection device is used to avoid potential safety hazards during the slicing process. To

Use and maintenance skills of the flat-cut double-roll beef/mutton slicer:

1. Before use, connect the ground wire securely to prevent leakage.

2. When using this machine, start the motor first, and then feed the material.

3. When cutting meat slices and meat rolls, the meat must be cleaned of bones to prevent damage to the blade.