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Barbecue skewers automatic meat string machine

Barbecue skewers automatic meat string machine

Barbecue skewers automatic skewers machine, also known as meatball skewers, automatic tofu skewers, barbecue automatic skewers, can pass beef, lamb, chicken skewers, chicken skewers, chicken gizzard skewers, squid skewers, thousand-page tofu, Laver and other forms are diverse. The transmitted skewers are well-proportioned in size, clean and hygienic, without rubbing, and have a good taste: customers can add fat to any part of the skewers according to their preferences; the length of the skewers can be adjusted at will within the specified range; they can be bumped or shaken at will , There is no drop, the use of barbecue meat skewers automatic skewer machine can greatly improve work efficiency.

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Barbecue meat skewers automatic stringing machine product parameters:

Conventional dimensions: 2500*1100*1400mm.

Product placement place: 220mm.

Table height: 900mm.

Power: 1.2kw.

Voltage: 220v.

Air pump: above 0.6.

Output: about 2500 strings/h.

Material: 304 stainless steel, food grade plastic.

Product specifications: can be customized.

Bamboo stick specifications: customized according to requirements.

Machine accessories: One machine is equipped with two templates. If you wear a lot of strings, you can buy more templates.

Features of automatic barbecue skewers threading machine:

1. Desktop control, easy to move, small footprint;

2. The auto-sensing tag-through system is always accurate and stable, and the work is stable;

3. Combination of pneumatic transmission and electric transmission, precise and reasonable layout, maintenance-free and long service life;

4. Movable PE meat skewers mold plate, easy to clean;

5. The mold can be changed at will to meet the needs of different products;

6. This product is easy to operate and can wear various specifications of meat skewers, meat tendons, chicken skin, squid, chicken hearts, chicken meat, etc.;

7. The machine is used for fast stringing speed, no rubbing, sanitary and clean, and good taste;

8. Users can add fat to any position of the meat skewers according to their preferences;

9. The length of the skewers can be adjusted arbitrarily within the required range;

10. It is suitable for rolling and kneading meat of various specifications and skewers of fresh meat of various specifications;

11. Suitable for all kinds of bamboo sticks (including iron sticks: the size of the sticks can be customized) steel sticks;

12. The meat skewers produced by this machine are beautiful in appearance and fresh in color.

In order to meet the needs of a variety of different users, the automatic stringing machine can be used for skewered products such as sheep, beef, chicken skewers, chicken skewers, tofu cubes, chicken heart skewers, kelp knots, etc.; clean, hygienic, and processed products of uniform size. With good taste and no rubbing, it has been widely used in stringing enterprises and individual users.