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Automatic meat stringing machine common problems

Automatic meat  stringing machine common problems

1. Who are the suitable users of the machine?

Answer: The machines we produce are suitable for small barbecue shops, suitable for chain stores (small wholesale meat skewers), and many large processing plants are also in use.

2. Which meat can be worn and which meat can’t be worn?

Answer: You can wear other products except chicken wings, chicken heads, chicken necks, ribs, and leaf vegetables.

You need to cut meat before you can wear it with a machine. If you wear bean skin, kelp products can be cut with a machine, but the machine is not suitable for all products.

3. Will the quality of the meat skewers pierced by the skewers machine be worse than that of the manual skewers?

Answer: The meat skewers worn by the machine are very natural. How big the meat is when it is cut, and how big the meat is when it is worn by the machine. The meat skewers worn by the machine are longer, larger and more natural than the meat skewers worn by hand. The meat is flattened, so the meat skewers look small and short, losing the original freshness and naturalness of the meat skewers, and the taste will also lose the original smoothness and tenderness due to the manual pinching.

Whether you make skewers wholesale or a barbecue shop, machine-worn skewers are many times stronger than manual skewers. Because of the same weight and the same sign, the machine-worn skewers look thicker and fresher than the hand-worn skewers. , Customers are willing to buy machine-worn strings, which are not only clean and hygienic, but also have no sense of serial port pinched and squeezed by both hands.

You can take a look at the CCTV “I Love Invention” program on our machine. The reporter conducted a survey on the Niujie Market in Beijing. The feedback of customers who used machines and consumers who bought kebabs, whether it was the merchants selling kebabs or those who bought kebabs. Guests, all like the skewers worn by our machines.

4. How much is your machine?

If you do wholesale skewers, you can use a medium-sized machine, the standard medium-sized machine is 8,500 yuan/set, if you are a small barbecue shop, you can use a small-sized machine, 5,000 yuan/set, the above price does not include shipping. The price ranges from a few thousand to more than one hundred thousand, and various models can be tailored to suit you according to your needs.

5. I have seen other manufacturers also sell your string machine, the price is lower than yours, is there any difference between you?

Answer: Our stringing machine is patented. It is the first stringing machine manufacturer in my country. After the market matures, there are many counterfeit and inferior products. The price of the counterfeit products is indeed lower than that of our factory, but the quality is better. The quality of our factory’s production is incomparable. If you don’t believe it, you can visit it and make a comparison. Whether it is the thickness of the steel or the flexibility of the stringing machine, there is a big difference. There are also many customers who bought counterfeit products from other manufacturers at a low price. After they returned, they could not use or return the products. In the end, they could only be treated as waste products. In the end, not only did they not save money, but also wasted a lot of wronged money and precious time.

6. I still need investment to buy a machine. How long can I earn back the money I invested?

Answer: Take a 5,000 yuan small machine as an example. One person can replace 4-5 skilled string workers. It can wear 1,000 strings in one hour, and the machine money can be returned in two months. The manual labor needs a steady stream. Has been invested.

7. Do you have a machine connected by flesh and blood? How are you wearing?

Answer: There is a machine connected by flesh and blood. It is definitely better to wear than hand-made. It only takes time to put the meat, and the machine can wear a string in 1-1.2 seconds.

8. How is the quality of your machines? How long is it available for normal use? Does it comply with national food safety regulations?

Answer: Every machine produced by our factory strictly controls the quality. Quality and reputation are the primary tasks of our factory owners. The normal service life is more than ten years, and the materials are mostly 304 steel and polypropylene, which absolutely meets the relevant international food safety regulations.

9. What should I do if the machine doesn’t work at first? Do you have professional trainers?

Answer: In addition to the professional guidance of small machines by telephone and video at any time, our company has a professional technical team for medium and large machines to randomly conduct professional technical training for you until you learn the overall operation of the machine.

10. Why can’t chicken wings be worn, and how do others wear it?

Answer: Chicken wings have hard bones so they cannot be worn. Chicken wings are all artificially worn now.

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