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Frozen meat slicer requirements for clutch

Frozen meat slicer requirements for clutch

frozen meat slicer has become a commonly used equipment in hot pot restaurants and other restaurants because of its high efficiency, and its high efficiency is inseparable from the coordination of its various accessories. What are the requirements of the equipment for the clutch?

1. The clutch of the frozen meat slicer should be separated and engaged quickly, smoothly without impact, completely separated, and accurate and reliable in action;

2. Simple structure, light weight, small inertia, small size, safe work and high efficiency;

3. The joint elements of the frozen meat slicer have good wear resistance, long service life and good heat dissipation conditions;

4. Convenient operation, labor-saving, easy manufacture, convenient adjustment and maintenance.

If you want to increase the slicing speed of the frozen meat slicer, pay more attention to these details when choosing accessories. When choosing a clutch, if the clutch meets the above conditions, you can buy it and use it.

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