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How to deal with the sudden disconnection of frozen meat slicer

How to deal with the sudden disconnection of frozen meat slicer

When the equipment is in operation, there will be emergencies, some are inevitable, and some can be prevented. For example, when we use the more popular frozen meat slicer, we will encounter a sudden disconnection. What should I do at this time? Woolen cloth?

1. First cut off the loose steel wire at the broken wire of the frozen meat slicer, leaving two steel wire ends 10 cm longer than the distance between the guide wheels.

2. Use coarse sandpaper to sand the diameter of the two ends of the steel wire to one-half to two-thirds of the original steel wire, and the length should be greater than 5 cm. Use fine sandpaper to smooth the surface of the steel wire, and then use alcohol. Wash the two steel wire ends.

3. The two steel wire ends with 5 cm sand removed are overlapped and welded together. In this process, one end of the heavy steel is welded with an electric soldering iron. Then use fine sandpaper to smooth the welding place of the frozen meat slicer and wash it with alcohol.

4. There should be a long section of the steel wire that is loose, and the loose section must be run to the guide rail. The welding head completely runs out of the guide wheel, and the length of a wire from the end of the guide wheel is divided by the groove distance of the guide wheel and then multiplied by the length of one circle of the steel wire guide wheel.

When we use the frozen meat slicer, we must also master the skills to prevent it from breaking. It can be accelerated from 0-8m every second until the speed reaches about 8m/s, and then the cutting is carried out, so that it is easy to produce lines when it stops. If the line is broken, the handling is relatively simple, so please try this method quickly!

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