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Six criteria for buying frozen meat slicers

Six criteria for buying frozen meat slicers

There are various types of frozen meat slicers. According to the requirements of different industries, the machine to choose is different, but these six standards should be followed when purchasing, so that you can choose the right equipment to cut frozen meat.

1, mobility.

The so-called mobility is the adjustability of the equipment during work. The motor used in a good frozen meat slicer is of high power and good quality.

2. Propulsion system.

The propulsion platform has no oil ditch, and the meat rolls are not contaminated with oil during the advancing process. The two ends can advance synchronously, and the thickness of the meat rolls on the left and right ends is the same.

3. Slice quality.

The cutting knife of the good quality frozen meat slicer adopts alloy knife, the slope is optional, and the size and thickness of the slice can be changed at any time. The slices are uniform and the appearance is beautiful.

4. Operational performance.

Double-sided operation button, reducing unnecessary trouble, saving time and high efficiency.

5. Mobility.

A good frozen meat slicer is equipped with four high-quality casters at the bottom, which is not afraid of pressure and has a strong pressure-bearing capacity. The equipment can be moved anytime and anywhere.

6. Appearance.

In the production process, even if you accidentally touch the equipment, it will not lift the stainless steel packaging and will not scratch your body.

Choosing a good quality frozen meat slicer must follow these six standards. Every part of the machine is a factor to be considered when buying the machine. You must pay more attention to its performance, parameters, etc., and make a comprehensive choice.

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