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Performance indicators of beef and mutton slicer

Performance indicators of beef and mutton slicer

The performance index of beef and mutton slicer is not only a standard to be referred to when purchasing, but also a standard for quality inspection. Before using, what performance indexes need to be understood, mainly in several aspects:

1. The streamlined cover does not need to be disassembled and is easy to clean; the movable tray on the top of the beef and mutton slicer can place specimen boxes and other objects.

2. The original imported differential feed system and the lifelong maintenance-free cross guide rail ensure the slicer of beef and mutton slicer.

3. The beef and mutton slicer is equipped with a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.

4. Eliminate the phenomenon of jumping knife, uneven thickness, sticking knife, non-contiguous film, etc.

5. The sample clamping system can be adjusted arbitrarily on the three-dimensional axis, which is easy to use.

Beef and Mutton Slicer is an essential equipment for hot pot restaurants, and we have a certain understanding of its performance indicators, so that we can use it better, and use it according to the performance indicators of the machine to improve efficiency.

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