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Beef and mutton slicer troubleshooting

Beef and mutton slicer troubleshooting

Beef and mutton slicer may encounter different abnormal phenomena in the working process. If it cannot be solved in time, it will quickly affect the slicing effect and may also cause damage to the slicer. The following editor will introduce to you the common problems of slicers and the corresponding solutions.

1. The slicer does not move smoothly. At this time, you can add lubricating oil to the moving shaft of the slicer. If the ambient temperature is lower than 0℃, inject low-temperature resistant oil; at the same time, properly adjust the moving square shaft of the slicer. The bottom tightening screw.

2. If there is vibration or slight noise in the working process of the slicer, first check whether its workbench is stable and whether the machine is placed flat; then check whether the machine bolts are loose, check whether the lubricating oil is used up in the moving part of the machine, and check whether the blade is loose Wait.

3. When the slicer is slicing, the machine is weak, which may be caused by the aging of its capacitor, so check the capacitor of the slicer and repair it in time according to the actual situation, so that the slicer can return to the normal and stable working process.

The slicing machine produced by qualified manufacturers can achieve multiple functions in one machine, as long as it is equipped with different molds, products of different specifications can be produced, and the product density is uniform and the strength is high. The design of the slicer itself also has many advantages. For example, its shell is made of plastic-sprayed and stainless steel, and the cutting knife is made of steel, which is both wear-resistant and durable; the overall appearance is beautiful, the structure is simple, and the maintenance is convenient; in addition, it has high speed, High efficiency, low price, time-saving and labor-saving features.

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