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How to adjust beef and mutton slicer in daily use

How to adjust beef and mutton slicer in daily use


Beef and mutton slicing opportunities are adjusted according to the color, quality, hardness, etc. of the frozen meat, so as to improve the efficiency of meat cutting. Even if it is usually placed and not in use, it is necessary to make daily adjustments and proper maintenance of the machine. , To do a good job in extending the service life:

1. Strictly follow the wiring diagram of the beef and mutton slicer to check whether the wiring is correct, whether the manual control of jog and stop control is correct and reliable, and check whether the main motor is running in the correct direction.

2. Lubricating oil should be added to the traction wheel reduction box. The oil level should be kept at the upper level of the worm. The hydraulic oil tank should be added with anti-wear hydraulic oil to the oil level line.

3. Connect the oil pipes according to the working principle, and start the dry running test run of the beef and mutton slicer after confirming that the components and systems are not obstructed or other abnormal phenomena.

Choosing matching models of accessories, refueling properly, etc., are all daily adjustments to the beef and mutton slicer. As a commonly used food machine, keep it clean before use to prevent food from being contaminated.

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