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Precautions for choosing a rib slicer

Precautions for choosing a rib slicer

With the steadily increasing quality of domestically-made blades, there is no big difference between imported and domestically produced blades. Product description: High efficiency, 120 slices per minute can be sliced. The double-guided advancing system ensures the uniformity of the slice advancement, fully automatic operation, and saves labor costs. The safety protection performance is good. Stainless steel chassis, overall seam welding. The machine can cut out rough rolls, thin rolls, long rolls, straight film and other roll types. The slicing machine manufacturer is a slicing machine capable of vertical cutting in the slicing machine industry. The meat of 8 minus 18 degrees that has not been thawed can be sliced ​​on the machine, and the meat will not be broken, forming a neat appearance. All cutting parts are easy to clean and can be disassembled without tools. No sharpening, the unique design eliminates the trouble of sharpening users, and greatly reduces the cost of users.

After we buy the beef and mutton slicer, we need to move and transport it. What problems should we pay attention to at this time?

1. Transportation: In addition to the user-specified packaging method, during the transportation of the beef and mutton slicer, the beef slab rib slicer generally adopts simple packaging, and pay attention to handle it carefully to avoid collision.

2. After transporting and unpacking, you can use a forklift to fork at the bottom of the main box in front of the beef and mutton slicer, but the length of the fork legs is long enough to exceed the machine crossbar.

3. Manufacturers of beef slab rib slicer should always pay attention to whether the direction of the beef and mutton slicer is accurate when moving the beef and mutton slicer. At the same time, they should always pay attention to the surrounding environment to avoid collision.

4. After the production location of the equipment is selected, when the beef and mutton slicer is parked on the ground, relevant staff should be supported nearby to prevent the equipment from turning over due to uneven parking and bringing the equipment Unnecessary damage. 5. After the beef and mutton slicer is placed flat, it must be tested before the timing of the power connection. In order to prevent the beef and mutton slicer from being lost during transportation, you can refer to the precautions we introduced, and pay attention to one point in the actual operation.

Beef and mutton slicer is a commonly used equipment for slicing meat products. There are many types of beef slab rib slicers. When we choose to use, we must first understand the basic characteristics of the equipment, and then choose the appropriate equipment to give full play to the equipment. The effect of.

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