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Cleaning precautions for beef and mutton slicer

Cleaning precautions for beef and mutton slicer

1. When dismantling and washing, use the power and air source that meets the needs of the equipment.

2. Because the second half of the equipment is equipped with electrical control components, no matter what the circumstances are, do not wash the machine directly with water to avoid unnecessary danger.

3. Remove the upper and lower fixing screws at the same time to avoid affecting another screw when removing one screw.

4. The slicer should be equipped with a power socket with a ground wire. After the power switch is turned off, some circuits in the electrical control still have voltage. Make sure to unplug the power cord when overhauling the control circuit to prevent electric shock.

5. When disassembling and washing the equipment, turn off the gas source and power supply of the slicer first to prevent danger.

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