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The importance of reasonable design of mutton slicer

The importance of reasonable design of mutton slicer

If the design of the lamb slicing machine is unreasonable, it may cause some minor problems in the working process. Therefore, a reasonable design of the slicing machine is very important for both the machine itself and the user.

1. The inspection hole cover of the mutton slicer is too thin, and it is easy to deform after tightening the bolts, making the joint surface uneven and leaking oil from the contact gap;

2. There is no oil return groove on the body, and the lubricating oil accumulates in the shaft seal, end cover, joint surface, etc., and leaks from the gap under the action of the pressure difference;

3. During the operation of the lamb slicing machine, the oil pool is greatly agitated, and the lubricating oil splashes everywhere in the machine. If the amount of oil is too much, a large amount of lubricating oil will accumulate on the shaft seal, joint surface, etc., resulting in leakage;

4. Early mutton slicers mostly used oil groove and felt ring type shaft seal structure, which caused the felt to be compressed and deformed during assembly, and the joint surface gap was sealed;

5. When the equipment is overhauled, due to the incomplete removal of dirt on the joint surface, improper selection of sealant, reverse installation of the seal, and failure to replace the seal in time, it may also cause oil leakage.

For the mutton slicer, reasonable design is one of the effective ways to improve work efficiency, and it is also a way to extend its service life and increase its performance.

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