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Frozen meat slicer sampling and fixing related knowledge

Frozen meat slicer sampling and fixing related knowledge

1. Small tissue fixation method: This is a commonly used method. The small tissue removed from the animal body by the frozen meat slicer must be immediately placed in a liquid fixative for fixation. Usually, the ratio of specimen to fixative is 1: 4 to 20;

2. Steam fixation method: For small and thick specimens, osmic acid or formaldehyde steam fixation method can be used. Such as blood smear, it should be fixed with osmic acid or formaldehyde vapor before the blood smear is dry;

3. When slicing with a frozen meat slicer, our commonly used fixatives are 10% formaldehyde fixative and 95% ethanol fixative;

4. Injection, perfusion fixation: some tissue blocks are too large or the fixative solution is difficult to penetrate into the interior, or the entire organ or the entire animal body needs to be fixed;

5. Using injection fixation or perfusion fixation, the fixative is injected into the blood vessels, and the blood vessels branch to the whole tissue and the whole body, so as to obtain sufficient fixation.

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