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What requirements should the design of beef and mutton slicer meet

What requirements should the design of beef and mutton slicer meet

1. Mechanical design. The main working mechanism of the beef and mutton slicer is composed of a storage tank, a filling host, a variable frequency speed control transmission door, and an interlocking spell. The mechanical body is divided into two parts, one of which is the design. Whether the quality of the product can satisfy the customer first depends on the design and development process of the product. Doing a good job in the design and development of the product is the premise of realizing the upgrading of the product and improving the level of the product quality. The design directly determines the formulation of the production plan, the procurement of raw materials, the difficulty of the craftsmanship, the type of equipment, the processing accuracy, the quality, etc. Poor design may lead to difficult production of products.

2. On-site installation. During the installation process, if the parts of the beef and mutton slicer are not installed correctly in this part, or there is a little deviation, then the machine will cause problems such as accuracy, supply, and efficiency during the operation of the machine. It directly affects the stability of the machine during operation and the offset of the labeling position.

3. Installation environment. The environment is a major factor affecting quality. According to the production space and environment of the enterprise, if the label is lower than the humidity that it is subjected to, then the label cannot be attached to the bottle; or because the humidity of the bottle is not within the acceptable range, a similar situation will occur during the filling process. There is wind, which also has a small effect on the product.

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