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Features of No Leftover Lamb Roll Slicer

Features of No Leftover Lamb Roll Slicer

1. The fat beef and mutton rolls at -18 degrees can be cut and rolled, and the shape is neat and beautiful;

2, -8 degrees for girls, mutton rolls, chicken breasts, duck breasts, tendons and other superiors can be cut into straight slices;

3. There is no material left after slicing, which completely avoids secondary processing.

4. The unique design completely avoids the phenomenon of continuous knife;

5. Grinding-free blade, easy to install and remove;

6. The replacement of meat rolls does not stop, and the processing efficiency is high;

7. Simple to do early, stainless steel body, easy to clean;

8. Simple structure and high stability;

9. Beautiful design, small size and space saving.

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