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How to improve the efficiency of mutton slicer

How to improve the efficiency of mutton slicer

First, choose the appropriate slicer model. If the slicing speed of the machine purchased by the user is slow, then the slicing efficiency of refrigerated and fresh livestock and poultry meat is not high. Therefore, to improve the working speed of existing slicer models, users can purchase high-speed slicers.

Second, reduce the incidence of equipment failure and reduce the downtime of the slicer. Users are required to choose a reliable and stable slicing machine, and try to choose a machine with a fault warning system device, which can achieve rapid maintenance, replacement of packaging materials, and so on.

Third, the mutton slicer should also be well maintained. Before use, the user should clean the slicer with warm water, which not only ensures the safety and hygiene of refrigerated and cold fresh livestock and poultry meat slices, but also avoids affecting the working efficiency of the equipment due to long-term use. For this reason, the user should move the knife holder and its corresponding parts on the microtome less, because they are fastened to each other layer by layer, and frequent movement will easily cause looseness or wear between the card slot and the card, which may affect the working efficiency of the machine and The ideal sheet material cannot be cut. Not only that, but also regularly wipe the circuit board inside the slicing machine body, otherwise it is easy to cause problems such as circuit aging and motor advancing and retreating, which will cause the machine to malfunction and cannot be sliced ​​normally.

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