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What is the structure of the mutton slicer

What is the structure of the mutton slicer

1. Lifting mechanism of pneumatic bottle: Binzhou mutton slicer and beef slicer use pneumatic support bottle, and the air compression can be circulated in the loop pipe to reduce power consumption, so it has a self-relieving effect, the support is stable, and time is saved.

2. Mechanical and pneumatic hybrid lifting mechanism: the sleeve equipped with the bottle holder can slide along the hollow plunger, and the square block plays a guiding role to prevent the sleeve from being deflected when it is raised and lowered.

3. Lifting mechanism of mechanical bottle: This kind of structure is relatively simple, but the work reliability is poor. The slices rise along the slideway, which is easy to squeeze the slices. The quality of the sliced products is very high, especially the bottleneck cannot be bent. , suitable for small semi-automatic gas-free lamb slicers.

In addition, the slicer is generally combined with the operation of the cam guide rail, so that the lifting movement of the sliced slices is fast and accurate, and the quality and quantity are guaranteed. This type of equipment is widely used, especially for the isobaric slicer, because it is equipped with air Compression devices, and thus structural features of this type are more widely used.

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