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Maintenance method of frozen meat cutting machine

Maintenance method of frozen meat cutting machine

1, the slices are unbalanced, not shiny and produce more powder.

(1) Reasons: The blade is not sharp; the hardness of the slice is too high; the adhesive of the sliced material will adhere to the blade; it is not uniform.

(2) Maintenance method: take out the blade with a grindstone and sharp; put the sliced material; remove the blade to grind the adhesive

2. The motor of the frozen meat cutting machine will not run when it is powered on.

(1) Cause: Poor power contact or loose plug; bad switch contact.

(2) Maintenance method: repair the power supply or switch; repair or replace the same specification switch.

3. When the frozen meat cutting machine is working, the motor stops rotating.

(1) Reason: Excessive frozen meat slicer, calibrated cutting disc; poor contact of switch.

  1. Maintenance method: Check the tool disc and take it out of the material; switch contact adjustment or switch switch. When using frozen meat slices, press the other side of the device with your hands, otherwise there will be a phenomenon of material impact, not in place, if the material is a bit large, you can first process the material to meet the size injection, and then slice.

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