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Frozen meat slicer installation process

Frozen meat slicer installation process

Frozen meat slicer is widely used in the catering industry. Before we use it, we need to install it. The installation process also needs to be understood. What is its installation process? Before installation, these processes need to be understood.

1. Check whether the power cord, plug and socket of the frozen meat slicer are in good condition.

2. Check whether the safety devices and operation switches are normal.

3. Confirm that the frozen meat slicer is stable and the parts are not loose.

4. After confirming that there is no abnormality, start the trial operation of the frozen meat slicer before proceeding.

frozen meat slicer is composed of multiple accessories. During the installation process, you must strictly follow the process, and pay attention to safety, especially the knife edge. After installation, test run and check.

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