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Features of lamb slicing machine

Features of  lamb slicing machine

1. The mutton slicer is equipped with a meat pressing positioning device, which is more stable, safe and reliable, anti-freezing and hygienic.

2. It has uniform slice thickness, good rolling effect, and can cut meat without thawing. The slice thickness can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the adjustable range is 0.3-5MM.

3. High meat cutting efficiency, up to 120 slices per minute. It can quickly cut meat, slice, cut ham, and shred hard fruits, which are beautiful and well-proportioned.

4. The operation of the mutton slicer is simple and easy to master. It is easier and more labor-saving than the use of a semi-automatic slicer. The lamb slicing machine blade is made of high-speed steel and made by a high-density forging process, which is more than 2-3 times more durable than ordinary stainless steel blades.

5. Manual operation, no electricity is needed, the force required for cutting meat is more labor-saving than the current semi-automatic, the operation is simpler, the hand feels more comfortable, the automatic meat feeding device does not need human hands to deliver the meat.

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