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The cleaning process of beef and mutton slicer

The cleaning process of beef and mutton slicer

Beef and mutton slicer’s use efficiency and service life have always been the points of attention that people pay attention to. Among them, in order to always maintain the efficiency of the equipment in the use of the equipment, in addition to the correct use, the correct cleaning operation is very important.

1. When disassembling and washing, use the power and air source that meets the needs of the equipment.

2. Because the rear part of the equipment is equipped with electrical control components, no matter what the circumstances are to disassemble and wash, do not directly flush the body with water to avoid unnecessary danger.

The upper and lower fixed screws should be removed at the same time to avoid affecting the other screw when removing one screw.

4. The slicer should be equipped with a power socket with a ground wire. After turning off the power switch, some circuits in the electrical control still have voltage. Make sure to unplug the power cord when checking and repairing the control circuit to prevent electric shock.

5. When disassembling and washing the equipment, turn off the air source and power supply of the slicer to prevent danger.

When cleaning the beef and mutton slicer, because it is a kind of equipment composed of many accessories, when disassembling and washing, place the removed accessories in order, and do not touch the internal wires and power supply.

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