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Common faults and solutions of frozen meat slicers

Common faults and solutions of frozen meat slicers

1. The machine does not work: check whether the plug is in good contact, and then check whether the socket fuse is blown. If the fault cannot be eliminated, it needs to be checked and repaired by electrical technicians. Non-professionals cannot repair it by themselves.

2. The body is electrified: the power plug of the frozen meat slicer must be unplugged immediately, check whether the grounding is good, and seek electrical technicians to deal with it.

3. Poor slicing effect: check whether the blade is sharp; check whether the temperature of the frozen meat is in the range of 0℃ to -7℃; re-sharp the edge of the blade.

4. The tray does not move smoothly: add lubricating oil to the moving round shaft, and adjust the tightening screw under the moving square shaft.

5. The frozen meat slicer makes an abnormal noise when it is working: check whether the bolts of the machine are loose, check whether the lubricating oil of the moving part of the machine is used up, and check whether there is any minced meat on the circumference of the blade.

6. Machine vibration or slight noise: Check whether the workbench is stable and whether the machine is placed smoothly.

7. The grinding wheel cannot sharpen the knife normally: clean the grinding wheel of the frozen meat slicer.

8. When the slicing work, the machine is unable to check whether the transmission belt is stained with oil or disconnected, check whether the capacitor is aging, and check whether the blade edge is sharp.

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