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Basic introduction of mutton slicer

Basic introduction of mutton slicer

1. The mutton slicer adopts the blade imported from Germany. The German blade has always been known for its long service life and long wear resistance. It adopts a double motor method. The advantage of using a single motor is that it can realize fully automated slicing operations, eliminating the need to manually push the meat. And the motor is made of stainless steel, and many other brands that use plastic materials have obvious advantages.

2. The blade rotation method of the beef and mutton slicer uses a chain to drive the blade to rotate. The advantage of this method is to reduce the phenomenon of meat jamming. Usually, ordinary slicers use a single rotating blade with a structural element, and the circular saw meat will appear stuck. The phenomenon of automatic sliding. The frozen meat slicer adopts electric automatic feeding, pressing, and automatic adjustment of the thickness of the processed meat. It is simple and convenient, and it will automatically stop. , one key to complete, saving time and effort.

3. Fully automatic mutton slicer, the meat rolls at minus 18 degrees can be sliced ​​on the machine. Not only the meat slices are not broken, but also the shape is very beautiful, and there is no need for troublesome thawing and waiting. In particular, it adopts German blades, high-quality alloy blades with good wear resistance, which saves users the effort of grinding blades for three days and two ends. In terms of installation, the design is even more outstanding. The infrared induction protection device is used to avoid potential safety hazards during slicing operations.

4. The mutton slicer is widely used. It can cut mutton rolls, beef slabs, bacon, steak, braised meat, etc., and can also be cut into flakes, rolls, long tubes, thick sections, blocks, etc., with powerful functions. . Basically, it can meet all the needs of catering.

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