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How to connect the wire of the mutton slicer

How to connect the wire of the mutton slicer

The mutton slicer is a machine used to cut mutton. Restaurants, especially hot pot restaurants, cannot do without it. The current slicer cannot operate without electricity. How to connect the wires in it includes several tips.

1. Any two of the two capacitors are connected to each other, and then connected to the red phase of the motor and the switch line. Connect the red and white wires of the motor to each other, and then connect to any one of the switches. The yellow wire of the remaining motor is connected to the capacitor wire of 25, and the black wire is connected to the capacitor wire of 150.

2. If the lamb slicing machine blade is reversed, the two red lines can be exchanged to adjust it. The 380V wires are connected at will. If the blade is reversed, the three wires of the mutton slicer plug can be exchanged with any two live wires to adjust it. Power on the machine to test the forward and reverse rotation and other problems.

3. When binding the wires, they should be tied to the direction of the lamb slicer motor as much as possible to facilitate maintenance.

When connecting wires, first disconnect the power of the mutton slicer to prevent the danger of electric shock. Connect the wires in the corresponding order. When wiring, pay attention to keeping the two ends of the wire in good contact.

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