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How to operate the mutton slicer correctly

How to operate the mutton slicer correctly

1. The slicing machine pushes the mutton to the cutting blade through the pushing device. Just put the frozen meat on the pushing device, and set the thickness and quantity of slices on the display screen. Cut the mutton into thin slices with the cutter, keep your hands away from the cutter during operation, and do not push the material by hand to avoid hurting your hands.

2. Do not mix hard foreign objects into the frozen meat, otherwise the cutter will be damaged. If the machine fails, it should be overhauled with the power turned off. The cutter of the slicer is sharp, and care should be taken when disassembling or installing it.

If you find that it is difficult to slice the mutton slicer, you should check the edge of the knife after stopping it. After removing it, sharpen the knife so as not to affect the use. , and clean the equipment in time.

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