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Problems with inferior mutton slicers on the market

Problems with inferior mutton slicers on the market

1. There is no groove in the welding of the main frame of the mutton slicer, and it is directly welded with channel steel butt jointed with ordinary welding rods. The welding seam is easy to break during the operation of the machine, and the service life is seriously shortened. The machine frame of the Ⅱ roll mutton slicer is made of welded square tubes, and the machine is not stable during operation.

2. Check whether the main parts on the machine have been treated with aging and do not have wear resistance, tensile resistance, and impact resistance.

3. The lead screw of the mutton slicer is set above the propeller plate. The second-roll machine adopts a single lead screw. The propelling meat roll is unstable and easy to damage, and the appearance is bloated, and the lubricating oil is easy to fall on the propeller plate. , causing meat contamination.

4. There are no left and right uprights on the main tool rests of the two rolls of machines, and the machine has poor stability during operation.

5. The machine numerical control system adopts low-cost single-chip microcomputer, which is very difficult to learn, maintain and use. The ability to resist electromagnetic interference is very weak. Although the machines produced by other manufacturers on the market claim to be products of Siemens PLC or other big brands, the finished products of these big brands are cheap and counterfeit, cannot withstand the quality inspection of inter-departmental departments, and are very easy to break.

6. The connecting rod on the machine is cut from Q235 iron plate, the shaft and the hole are not closely matched, the iron plate has low strength, no wear resistance, low shock absorption performance, and the machine is very noisy after long-term operation.

7. The bearing on the machine adopts the low-cost small factory bearing, which has a short service life and is easily damaged.

8. The power output of the machine adopts a gear transmission without a gearbox. The gears run and wear very quickly in an oil-free environment, resulting in uneven thickness of mutton slices and very loud noise.

9. The current products on the market, most of the control cabinets are welded with ordinary steel plates, which are easy to rust and not durable.

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