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Phenomenon that should be avoided in designing frozen meat slicer

Phenomenon that should be avoided in designing frozen meat slicer

A high-quality frozen meat slicer, in addition to strictly following the requirements in the selection of materials, is often related to its design. Some unreasonable problems will inevitably cause the efficiency of the equipment to decrease, so pay attention to it when designing Avoid, what are the phenomena that should be avoided when designing a slicer.

1. In the design process, the thickness of the inspection hole cover plate configured for the slicer is insufficient, so that it is easy to deform after the bolt is tightened, resulting in an uneven joint surface and oil leakage from the contact gap.

2. There is no oil return groove on the body, so it is easy to cause lubricating oil to gather in the shaft seal, end cover, joint surface and other positions. Under the action of pressure difference, it will leak out from some gaps.

3. Too much lubricating oil is added. In this case, when the slicer is in normal operation, the oil pool is agitated very badly, causing the lubricating oil to splash everywhere in the machine. If the amount of oil is particularly large, it will also cause leakage.

4. The design of the shaft seal structure is unreasonable. For example, the oil groove and felt ring type shaft seal structure were mostly used before. In this way, the problem of compression deformation is also prone to occur during the assembly process.

5. The maintenance method is unreasonable. When there are some abnormalities in the slicer, we need to perform maintenance in time. However, if there are problems such as improper selection of the sealant or the reverse installation of the seal on the joint surface, the problem of oil leakage may also be caused.

Reasonable design of frozen meat slicer is the prerequisite for producing high-quality products. When designing, the above-mentioned phenomena should be avoided. The slicer consists of many parts, and each part meets the requirements, the whole can meet the requirements, and the equipment can be improved. The efficiency of use.

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