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Adjustment of Rotor Speed of Lamb Slicer

Adjustment of Rotor Speed of Lamb Slicer

The delicious hot pot is inseparable from the merits of the lamb slicer. Using it does save a lot of time and brings convenience. Its fast running speed is related to its rotor speed. How to adjust its rotor speed?

1. When the hardness of the mutton remains unchanged, the higher the rotation speed of the mutton slicer’s rotor, the higher the cutting speed, which allows the meat feeding speed to increase and the productivity to increase accordingly. However, due to the difference of lamb meat quality and many other factors, the rotor speed cannot be increased arbitrarily.

2. When the lamb is hard and neatly cut, the rotor speed of the lamb slicer can be appropriately increased. At this time, high productivity and good cutting quality can be obtained; for those lamb with irregular shapes, a lower rotor speed should be used.

The rotation speed adjustment of the lamb slicing machine depends on the quality of the lamb and other factors. To cut out tangible lamb slices, the rotor speed of the machine needs to be properly adjusted to improve the efficiency of the machine.

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