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Ways to avoid danger when using beef and mutton slicer

Ways to avoid danger when using beef and mutton slicer

beef and mutton slicer appeared, which brought a lot of convenience to life, and reduced labor intensity in hot pot restaurants and supermarkets. The slicer uses a blade to cut meat slices, which will cause some dangers. How to avoid this situation?

1. When the beef and mutton slicer is working, do not put your hands and other foreign objects into the shell to avoid danger.

2. Check carefully whether there are defects, damages, or looseness in the cutting machine to ensure that the machine is in good condition.

3. Check whether there is any foreign matter in the shell of beef and mutton slicer, and remove the foreign matter in the shell, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the blade.

4. Clean up the operation site, check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the voltage used by the machine, and whether the grounding mark is reliably connected to the ground wire.

5. Close the switch and press the “ON” button to check whether the direction of rotation is correct (face the pusher dial, and the pusher dial rotates counterclockwise to be correct), otherwise, cut off the power and adjust the wiring.

In order for the beef and mutton slicer to cut more delicious mutton rolls in a short time, the blade will be sharpened. When working with it, you must concentrate and carefully check the circuits, accessories, etc. between uses.

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