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How to make lamb slicer cut meat into rolls

How to make lamb slicer cut meat into rolls

Everyone is already familiar with slicers. When we go to restaurants or hot pot restaurants to eat hot pot, the lamb we order is usually rolled up. This is how it is formed. This is also from the use of slicers. It’s just a mutton slicer specially used for slicing into rolls. Let’s take a look at the effect:

1. When I first used it, I couldn’t get the slicing effect that I wanted, and I couldn’t cut good-looking meat rolls. In fact, I didn’t understand the performance of the machine and the principle of slicing.

2. Whether the mutton slicer can roll into rolls, the direct influencing factor is the temperature of the frozen meat. If the temperature of the meat is not low enough, the meat rolls cannot be cut if the meat is not frozen enough. The slicer can cut very thin and continuous slices. For meat slices, the machine is in a normal state.

3. Generally, the temperature range of the mutton slicer is controlled at 0~-7℃. This temperature range can cut meat rolls, detect the degree of mutton freezing and slow meat methods, and master the performance and use of the machine.

Using the mutton slicer to cut the meat into rolls, we must first understand the performance characteristics of the mutton slicer. The combination of temperature and meat is required to present a good-looking mutton roll.

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