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Comparison of lamb slicer and paper cutter

Comparison of lamb slicer and paper cutter

Mutton slicers are the same as paper cutters. They are both slicers. From the appearance, they are very similar, but they are carefully compared and there are still gaps. So what is the difference between the two? Through comparison, we can see:

1. The lamb slicer will not have the phenomenon of continuous knives. The operating table is made of polymer heat insulation board, which prevents the meat rolls from melting too quickly when the temperature is high. The paper cutter is inevitably connected to the knife.

2. The body of the mutton slicer is all made of stainless steel, and the appearance is hygienic and beautiful, while the paper cutter and other similar products use iron sheet. Once rusted, it is very unsightly and does not meet the requirements in hygiene.

3. The mutton slicer has safety protection, the hand and the blade can not be touched, but the paper cutter does not.

Whether it is in terms of hygiene, blades, production materials, or safety performance, lamb slicers are relative to paper cutters. It has advantages, whether it is in the family or in hot pot restaurants, its use is still very wide.

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