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Lamb Slicer vs Paper Cutter

Lamb Slicer vs Paper Cutter

1. The paper cutter is a modified machine. It is not a meat cutter in itself. The matching in all aspects is not satisfactory. There are constant problems in use, which affects the production progress and causes economic losses to the processors. The mutton slicer is an original machine, and the design of each component is more reasonable.

2. The mutton slicer has high precision. The sliced meat is evenly thick and thin, which a paper cutter can’t do.

3. The connecting rod drive of the paper cutter is easy to break, and the mutton slicer has made improvements in this regard.

4. The mutton slicer will not have the phenomenon of even knives, while the paper cutter will inevitably have knives.

5. The operating table of the mutton slicer is made of polymer heat insulation board, which prevents the meat rolls from melting too quickly when the temperature is high.

6. The body of the mutton slicer is all made of stainless steel, which is hygienic and beautiful in appearance, while the paper cutter and other similar products use iron sheets, which are very ugly once rusted and cannot meet the requirements in terms of hygiene.

7. The mutton slicer has safety protection, the hand and the blade cannot be touched, but the paper cutter does not.

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