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Precautions for the use of beef and mutton slicer

Precautions for the use of beef and mutton slicer

1. This model adopts microcomputer automatic operation. It is an automatic mutton slicer, which can effectively reduce the labor intensity of labor and improve the efficiency of slicing.

2. As a kind of electric food processing equipment, the beef and mutton slicer has certain requirements when it is used.

3. The operation of the mutton slicer is not to touch the quick-freezing table with bare hands, because after the machine is turned on, the temperature of the quick-freezing table is low to avoid frostbite.

4. When using the mutton slicer for slicing operation, do not open the window of the freezer too much.

5. When brushing off excess tissue fragments, do not brush the blade on the top of the blade. Be sure to brush lightly along the blade surface from bottom to top.

6. After use, clean the workbench and freezer where the meat is easy to accumulate, and keep the slicer clean and hygienic.

7. After the slicer is used for a period of time, if the slices stick to the knife or the slices are not formed, the knife needs to be sharpened.

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