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Technical parameters of frozen meat slicer

Technical parameters of frozen meat slicer

As a kind of equipment in the catering industry, the frozen meat slicer is frequently used and developed rapidly. When we first started using it, in order to better operate the equipment and avoid damage, the first thing we did was to understand the technical parameters of the slicer. Let’s take a look at it together:

1. Spindle speed: 2300r/min

2. The length of the test piece sawed by the frozen meat slicer: more than 40 mm

3. Motor rated power: 2.2 kilowatts

4. Dimensions of frozen meat slicer: 900×460×830 mm

5. Saw blade diameter: φ400 mm

6. The sawing test piece length of the frozen meat slicer: 47.5-205 mm

7, voltage 380V

We know the structure, use, parameters of the frozen meat slicer. When cutting meat, you can choose the slicer according to the parameters of the equipment, and choose the more suitable one to cut out better quality meat slices.

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