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Speed reduction mechanism of frozen meat slicer

Speed reduction mechanism of frozen meat slicer

The fresh frozen meat bought from the market is cut into slices with a frozen meat slicer, and you will find that it is cut into beautiful rolls. The rolled frozen meat is easy to cook and tastes chewy, and the nutrition will not be destroyed. The machine The speed is generally well controlled because of the deceleration mechanism:

1. Put the frozen meat to be cut at the position required by the conveyor belt, turn on the power, adjust the gear of the frozen meat slicer according to your needs, start the motor, and the device will operate. After the frozen meat is cut, continue to be placed for cutting Frozen meat is cut in batches.

2. The worm gear mechanism produces a large transmission ratio within a certain distance, so it is not suitable for continuous rotation, and the frozen meat slicer mechanism is low in efficiency and high in cost. The belt can alleviate the impact of the load, run smoothly, with low noise, low manufacturing and installation accuracy, and strong overload protection. Therefore, high-speed belt transmission is adopted, and low-speed gears are used as the deceleration system.

Every mechanism of frozen meat slicer helps by the slicing of the machine. Using a slicer to cut meat is faster than traditional manual meat cutting, and as a food equipment for cooking, its efficiency is relatively high.

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